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(1) “Committee” means the Public Works/Facilities Committee of the County Board, (formerly known as the Highway & Parks Committee) or, if changed, its successor committee.

(2) “County” means Kenosha County.

(3) “Park” or “Parks” means all lands, waters, and property heretofore and here-after acquired by the county for park or recreational purposes and placed under the jurisdiction of the Parks Division of the Kenosha County Department of Public Works and shall include, without limitation, parks, beaches, parkways, boulevards, pleasure drives, golf courses, bicycle trails and privately owned lands, the use of which has been granted to the county for parks, recreational or like purposes.

(4) “Person” means an individual, partnership, corporation, firm, company, association, society or group.

(5) “Vehicle” means any device in, upon, or by which any person or property may be transported.

(6) “Aircraft” means any machine supported for flight in the air by buoyancy or by the dynamic action of air on its surfaces. [Code § 10.01, 2018.]