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(1) The Department of Public Works is empowered and directed to govern, manage, control, improve and care for all public parks as described herein and secure the quiet, orderly and suitable use and enjoyment thereof by the people; the Committee is empowered to adopt rules and regulations not in conflict with the laws of the State of Wisconsin and these ordinances to promote those purposes.

(2) Legislative Intent. This ordinance is enacted for the well being of the public and its opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation in its parks in a safe and wholesome atmosphere. The regulations herein are intended to protect park resources for future generations, prevent accidents and injury, and maintain order for those who visit these parks. Recognizing that U.S. Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Constitution have declared public parks to be traditional forums for expression of free speech, citizens shall be allowed to carry signs, banners, pickets, and similar items to express their free speech message, without a permit, except as provided herein. However, no such sign, banner, etc., may be erected upon, or posted upon park property. [Code § 10.02, 2018.]