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The following actions are prohibited in County parks:


(a) To place any household or commercial garbage or trash in, near, or around the outside of a park garbage dumpster or garbage can or in any other area of a park, or place any straw, soil, chips, paper, shavings, shells, ashes or other rubbish in or upon any park.

(b) To clean fish and dispose of fish entrails in other than a designated area.

(2) To remove, destroy, break, injure, mutilate or deface in any way any structure, monument, statue, vase, fountain, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, tree, shrub, fern, plant, flower or other property in any park. However, gathering mushrooms for personal use only is allowed in any park areas not specifically designated as a nature center.

(3) To drive, ride or push any motorcycle, motor vehicle, truck, wagon, horse or any vehicle or animal in any part of the parks, except on the regular drives or areas designated therefor; however, wheel chairs, handicap mobility devices, baby carriages and such vehicles as are used in the park service are not included in the foregoing prohibition. A permit may be issued by the Park Manager/Director for electric handicapped mobility vehicles on multi-use trails.


(a) To drive or operate any vehicle, whether propelled by animal, engine, human energy or any other power, in any park, recklessly, or at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and prudent for its use in the parks, or to operate a vehicle in a manner likely to injure property or cause bodily injury to any person.

(b) To operate any vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit sign.

(5) To place, build or create any fires within any park areas except in properly constructed fireplaces and grills. Hot charcoal ashes shall be disposed of in containers labeled and provided for such disposal.

(6) To wade, bathe, or swim except at such pools or beaches as may be designated for that purpose.

(7) Except as permitted in subsection 10.40(10) of this ordinance, it shall be unlawful for any person to sell, bring, drink, possess, or give away any beer, or other intoxicating beverages within a county park except that designated employees of the Department of Public Works may sell beer or wine to persons of legal drinking age for consumption only in areas specifically designated by the Committee. However, it shall be lawful to obtain a beer permit with a pavilion reservation for possession and consumption of beer, but not sale of beer, and the beer must be consumed in the reserved pavilion). However, it shall be lawful for Kemper Center, Inc., or its director, to allow consumption of and/or sell beer, wine or intoxicating beverages at Kemper Center Park, and such sale or consumption of alcohol shall be in strict compliance with all State of Wisconsin and City of Kenosha laws, including the requirement of obtaining appropriate licenses, and shall comply with all terms of an annual permit issued to Kemper Center, Inc., by the park manager/director. However, it shall be lawful, at the sole discretion of the County Executive or designee, for Kenosha County Parks to enter into a vendor permit agreement, lease arrangement, or other agreement with a business entity or non-profit organization to allow the selling of beer or wine at a designated area of a park per agreement with the vendor/operator/organization. Notwithstanding the general prohibition, the possession and consumption of beer or wine shall be permitted in such a designated area so long as such sale or consumption of alcohol shall be in strict compliance with all applicable State and local laws and requirements, including the requirement of obtaining appropriate licenses which shall be the sole responsibility of the contracted entity. The agreement between said vendor/operator/organization and the County may be by permit either on an individual event basis or by contractual agreement and shall be subject to revocation by the County for cause by agreement. (11/10/016)

(8) In beach areas, to engage in ball throwing, bicycle riding, or fishing or any other activity which might endanger the safety of bathers or spectators.

(9) To bring or permit any animal to be in any county park or on any county park trail, except a dog or a house cat which is on a leash not exceeding 10 feet in length; except that dogs may be off-leash within areas of a county park officially designated by the County Park Manager/Director as “Off-Leash Dog Park Area” and when obeying all “Dog Park” rules, or to fail to immediately pick up and place into a garbage container any feces dropped by such dog in a park or on county park trail property, or to bring or permit a dog or cat in any county park unless such animal is properly licensed and has all required vaccinations and treatments.

(a) To release or abandon animals in a park whether domestic, wild or exotic.

(10) To bring or allow any animal in a beach, playground or other designated limited use areas at any time, except for dogs trained and used to assist handicapped persons.

(11) To go beyond the designated swimming limits outlined by markers and it shall be unlawful for any person to use a boat, raft, or other watercraft within such limits when bathers are present.

(12) To indulge in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise disturbing conduct under circumstances in which such conduct tends to cause or provoke a disturbance.

(13) It shall be unlawful for any person, except authorized park personnel, to operate a snowmobile in any county park except on designated snowmobile trails.

(14) To operate any vehicle over 6 tons on County Park roads with the exception of passenger buses and park maintenance vehicles.

(15) To use any type of inflatable device within a designated bathing/swimming beach area unless it is a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device.

(16) To place or possess tables, glass containers, and food in a designated beach area. Furthermore, it shall be unlawful for any person to place, build or create any fires within a designated beach area.

(17) To possess or operate a remote controlled or other type of self-propelled model airplane, rockets or to possess other airborne devices in any County Park.

(18) To launch a boat, raft, or watercraft of any type in any county park except that a boat, raft, or watercraft of any type may be launched in a designated launching area.

(19) To fish in any pond in any golf course area at anytime during the golfing season or to fish in violation of any posted rules in any park, or to fish in any designated beach area. (11/10/16)

(20) To use or operate a skateboard, motorized ski bikes or motorized toy vehicle in any county park.

(21) To practice golf in any county park except in designated practice areas immediately adjacent to the golf courses.

(22) To play baseball, football, Frisbee, or other games in parking areas, or any park road.

(23) To perform any mechanical work on automobiles in any park, unless it is an emergency situation.

(24) To intentionally interfere with or hinder the work of county park employees.

(25) To violate any park rule posted by sign.

(26) To ball hawk on any golf course except that persons who have duly paid greens fees may search for a reasonable period of time for any golf balls lost in the course of play provided they signal following golfers to play through.

(27) To operate a motor vehicle with a trailer attached at either Silver Lake Park or Old Settler’s Park, except in a designated area for trailer parking.

(28) Repealed.

(29) To parachute into a county park.

(30) To land an ultralight aircraft or other aircraft within a county park, except for emergency purposes.

(31) To operate a petroleum fueled motor or transport containers of petroleum within 50 feet of lakeshore unless Park Maintenance is the operator or if it is for an approved activity. [Code § 10.07, 2018.]