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It is the general intent of this Ordinance to regulate the division of land so as to:

(a) Promote the Wise Use, conservation, protection, and proper development of the County’s soil, water, wetland, woodland, and wildlife resources, and to achieve a balanced relationship between land use and development to the supporting and sustaining natural resource base;

(b) Lessen Congestion in the streets and highways;

(c) Provide Proper Ingress to and egress from development sites;

(d) Further the Orderly Layout and appropriate use of land;

(e) Avoid the Harmful Effects of premature division or development of land;

(f) Secure Safety and Resiliency from disastrous storms, fire, flooding water pollution, disease, and other hazards to help minimize expenditures for disaster relief and mitigation projects;

(g) Provide Adequate Light, air, and water;

(h) Prevent the Overcrowding of land;

(i) Facilitate Adequate Provision for housing, transportation, bicycling, pedestrian/recreation ways, water, sewerage, stormwater management, schools, parks, playgrounds, and other public facilities and services;

(j) Further the Sustainability of the County and local communities by accommodating green development and infrastructure;

(k) Prevent and Control Erosion, sedimentation, and other pollution of surface and subsurface waters;

(l) Preserve Natural Vegetation and cover to the extent practicable, and promote the natural beauty of the County and towns;

(m) Preserve the Distinct Character of hamlets, urban neighborhoods, or rural agricultural areas, as appropriate;

(n) Restrict Building Sites on areas covered by poor soils or in other areas poorly suited for development;

(o) Facilitate the Further Division of larger tracts into smaller parcels of land in accordance with adopted comprehensive plans;

(p) Ensure Adequate Legal Description and proper survey monumentation of divided land;

(q) Provide for the Administration and enforcement of this Ordinance;

(r) Provide Penalties for its violation; and

(s) Implement those Municipal, county, watershed, or regional comprehensive plans or their components adopted by the County and towns and facilitate enforcement of County and town development standards as set forth in adopted regional, County and town comprehensive plans, adopted plan components, the County zoning ordinance, town building codes and land division ordinances, the County bicycle plan and highway access management plans adopted by Kenosha County, and the and the highway width map prepared by Kenosha County Division of Highways. [Code § 14.01-4, 2018.]