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(a) Streets, Highways, and Drainageways. Whenever a land division encompasses all or any part of a street, highway, drainageway, other public way or public access to navigable lakes, rivers, or streams, which has been designated in the adopted County or town comprehensive plans or adopted plan components or on the highway width map of Kenosha County, said public way shall be made a part of the plat or certified survey map and dedicated or reserved, as determined by the County or town, by the subdivider in the locations and dimensions indicated on said plans or map and as set forth in Section VII of this Ordinance.

(b) Park and School Sites. Park, playground, and school sites shall be dedicated or reserved in accordance with Section 14.07-11.

(c) Protection of Open Space. Whenever land to be divided encompasses all or any part of open space lands, as defined in Section XI, such open space land shall be protected. Acceptable means of protection shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Reservation or dedication to the town, County, or State.

(2) Donation to a nonprofit conservation organization.

(3) Conservation easement.

(4) Deed restriction or restrictive covenant. Common open space to be permanently preserved shall be protected by providing a deed restriction or restrictive covenant that prohibits any land division or development of said open space, except limited recreational amenities as approved by the agency or organization having jurisdiction. [Code § 14.02-5, 2018.]