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Before approval of any final plat or, where applicable, certified survey map located within the unincorporated areas of the County, the subdivider shall install street, utility and other public improvements as hereinafter required, provided the town board concurs with and requires said improvements. In the alternative, if such improvements are not installed as required by the time that the final plat or certified survey map is submitted for approval, the subdivider shall, before recording of the final plat or certified survey map, enter into a development agreement with the town, which may include required County improvements, agreeing to install the required improvements, and shall file with said agreement a bond or letter of credit with good and sufficient surety meeting the approval of the town attorney or a certified check in an amount equal to the estimated cost of the improvements. Said estimate shall be made by the town and, if applicable, the County engineer as a guarantee that such improvements will be completed by the subdivider or his or her subcontractors not later than the dates set forth in the development agreement and as a further guarantee that all obligations to subcontractors for work on the development are satisfied. In addition:

(a) Contracts and contract specifications for construction of street and utility improvements within public street rights-of-way, as well as contractors and subcontractors providing such work, shall be subject to the approval of the town board.

(b) Governmental Units to which these bond and contract provisions apply may file, in lieu of said contract and bond, a letter from officers authorized to act on their behalf agreeing to comply with the provisions of this Section.

(c) Survey Monuments. Before final approval of any plat or certified survey map, the subdivider shall cause survey monuments to be installed in accordance with the requirements of Section 236.15 of the Wisconsin Statutes and as may be required by the town board. The town board may waive the placing of monuments, required under Section 236.15(1)(h), for a reasonable time, not to exceed one year, on the condition that the subdivider provide a letter of credit, certified check, or surety bond equal to the estimated cost of installing the monuments to ensure the placing of such monuments within the time required by Statute. Additional time may be granted upon show of cause. [Code § 14.02-7, 2018.]