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The objecting agencies shall, within 20 days of the date of receiving their copies of the preliminary plat, notify the subdivider and all other approving and objecting agencies, including the County zoning administrator and town board, of any objections (see Illustration No. 1). If there are no objections, they shall so certify on the face of the copy of the plat and shall return that copy to the Wisconsin Department of Administration, who shall certify the plat and provide notice to the County zoning committee. If an objecting agency fails to act within 20 days and the Department of Administration fails to act fails within 30 days from the date on which they received the copy or copies of the plat they shall be deemed to have no objection to the plat and, upon demand, the Department of Administration shall so certify on the face of the plat. In addition:

(a) The County Zoning Committee, within 90 days of the date of filing of a preliminary plat with the County zoning administrator and after considering a recommendation from the affected town, shall approve, approve conditionally, or reject such plat, unless the time is extended by written mutual agreement with the subdivider. The Committee shall examine the preliminary plat and objections and comments received from the objecting and reviewing agencies for conformance with this Ordinance and all other applicable ordinances, laws, regulations, and the adopted town and County comprehensive plan or components thereof. One (1) copy of the plat shall thereupon be returned to the subdivider with the date and action endorsed thereon; and if approved conditionally or rejected, a letter setting forth the conditions of approval or the reasons for rejection shall accompany the plat. One copy each of the plat and letter shall be placed in the County zoning committee permanent file.

(b) Failure of the County Zoning Committee to act within 90 days of the date of filing or within the time(s) as extended by written mutual agreement(s) with the subdivider shall constitute approval of the plat as filed.

(c) Approval or Conditional Approval of a preliminary plat shall not constitute automatic approval of the final plat, except that if the final plat is submitted within 36 months after the last required approval of the preliminary plat and conforms substantially to the preliminary plat, including any conditions of that approval, and to local plans and ordinances, the final plat shall be entitled to approval as indicated in Section 236.11(1)(b) of the Wisconsin Statutes. An approved preliminary plat shall be deemed an expression of approval or conditional approval of the layout submitted, and used as a guide to the preparation of the final plat, which will be subject to further consideration by the County zoning committee at the time of its submission. The Committee may extend the time for submission of the final plat. See Section 14.03-4(d) pertaining to partial platting or phasing. [Code § 14.03-3, 2018.]