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(The subdivider shall prepare a final plat and a letter of application in accordance with this Ordinance and shall file with the County zoning administrator the application, together with appropriate fees, and adequate number of copies and an electronic copy, as determined by the County zoning administrator, of the plat at least 30 days prior to the meeting of the County zoning committee at which action is desired (see Illustration No. 2). In addition:

(a) The County Zoning Administrator shall, within 2 normal work days after filing, transmit:

(1) Adequate number of copies to the County zoning committee together with one copy of the soil boring and percolation results.

(2) Two (2) copies to the following agencies and companies for review and approval or comments concerning matters within their jurisdiction:

a. Town clerk, who is responsible for distributing to town officials and the fire department and sanitary or utility districts, if applicable.

b. Clerk of each adjoining city or village if the subdivision lies within their extraterritorial plat approval jurisdiction.

c. The Kenosha County Highway Department, if the land owned or controlled by the subdivider abuts a County trunk highway.

d. The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.

e. The applicable school district.

f. The applicable natural gas and electric power companies.

g. Affected County departments concerning matters within their jurisdiction.

(b) Wisconsin Department of Administration. In accordance with Section 236.12(2) of the Statutes, the subdivider shall submit a paper copy or electronic copy of the final plat that is capable of clearly legible reproduction to the Director of Plat Review of the Wisconsin Department of Administration, who will transmit copies of the plat at the subdivider’s expense to the objecting agencies.

(c) The County Zoning Committee shall examine the final plat as to its conformance with the approved preliminary plat; any conditions of approval of the preliminary plat; this Ordinance and all other ordinances, laws, regulations, and the adopted town and County comprehensive plan or components thereof which may affect it; and review comments from objecting agencies, town board and other agencies which reviewed and commented on the final plat and shall recommend, after considering a recommendation from the affected town, approval, conditional approval, or rejection of the plat to the County Board.

(d) Partial Platting. The final plat may, if permitted by the County zoning committee and affected town, constitute only that portion of the approved preliminary plat which the subdivider proposes to record at that time; however, it is required that each such phase be final platted and designated as a phase of the approved preliminary plat. [Code § 14.03-4, 2018.]