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Condominium instruments, including condominium plats, prepared by a professional land surveyor are required to create a condominium or any amendments or expansions thereof, and are subject to County review and approval in accordance with Section 703.115 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Condominiums and associated plats shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 703 of the Statutes and the design standards, improvements, and all other requirements, as applicable, of this Ordinance that would otherwise apply to conventional subdivision plats, with the exception of Sections 14.03-2 through 14.03-5 if no new lots, parcels, or outlots will be created as part of the condominium. Condominium instruments may not be used to create or alter lots, parcels, outlots, public streets, or other areas to be dedicated to the public. Changes to recorded condominium instruments to create, alter, or remove any condominium units, easements, restrictions, or other encumbrances on the land included in a condominium shall require County review and approval of a correction instrument prepared in accordance with Section 703.095 of the Statutes. In accordance with Section 703.27 of the Statutes, condominium projects shall be subject to no more restrictive rules than non-condominium projects that are physically equivalent. [Code § 14.03-10, 2018.]