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The plat shall show correctly on its face, in addition to the information required by Section 236.20 of the Statutes, the following:

(a) Length and Bearing of the centerline of all streets. The lengths shall be given to the nearest 0.01 foot and bearings to the nearest one second of arc. The arc, chord, and radius lengths and the chord bearings, together with the bearings of the radii at the ends of the arcs and chords, shall be given for all curved streets.

(b) Street Width along the line of any obliquely intersecting street to the nearest 0.01 foot.

(c) Active and Abandoned Railway rights-of-way within and abutting the exterior boundaries of the plat.

(d) Building or Setback Lines required by the County zoning committee, town board, or other approving or objecting agency, including those which are more restrictive than the regulations of the zoning district in which the plat is located or which are proposed by the subdivider to be included in recorded protective covenants.

(e) Easements for Any Public sanitary sewers, water supply mains, stormwater management facilities, drainageways, and access ways.

(f) Easements or Rights-of-Way for any existing and proposed streets, utilities, and bicycle and pedestrian/recreational ways.

(g) Shoreland Boundaries and boundaries of the one percent annual probability (100-year recurrence interval) flood and related floodplain regulatory stages as determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Where such floodplain data is not available, the elevation shall be determined by a professional engineer retained by the subdivider, and the sealed engineer’s report providing the required data shall be submitted with the plat for review and approval by the town or County engineer. The contour line lying a vertical distance of two feet above the one percent annual probability flood shall also be shown.

(h) All Lands Reserved for future public acquisition or reserved for the common use of property owners within the plat. If property reserved for common use is located within the subdivision, the information required by Section 14.02-5 shall be submitted with the plat, together with any associated deed or plat restrictions required by the County zoning committee.

(i) Notations or Restrictions required by the County zoning committee or town and any other approving or objecting agency relating to access control along public ways within or adjacent to the plat; the provision and use of planting strips; or provisions for the protection of any existing wetlands or other environmentally significant lands within the exterior boundaries of the plat.

(j) Any Additional Information requested by the County zoning administrator or staff, County zoning committee, or town board, or plan commission, or staff. [Code § 14.05-2, 2018.]