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(a) In the Design of the subdivision plat or certified survey map, due consideration shall be given to the dedication or reservation of suitable sites of adequate size for future schools, parks, playgrounds, drainageways, public access to navigable waters, trail corridors, and other public purposes. If designated on the town or County comprehensive plan or comprehensive plan component, official map, or component neighborhood development plan, such areas shall be made a part of the plat or certified survey map as stipulated in Section 14.02-5 of this Ordinance. If not so designated, consideration shall be given to preserving open space sites such as environmental corridors, scenic and historic sites, stands of fine trees, wetlands, lakes, ponds, and watercourses.

(b) Navigable Streams or Lakeshores shall have a public access-way dedicated at least 60 feet in width platted to the low water mark at intervals of not more than one-half mile and connecting to existing public streets, highways, or other public way, unless wider access or greater shoreline intervals are agreed upon by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the town or County, as required by Section 236.16(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes. [Code § 14.07-11, 2018.]