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(a) Cut and Filled Lands shall be graded in accordance with grading plans and specifications approved by the town or County engineer. Slopes shall not be steeper than one (1) vertical to 4 horizontal, or the soil’s angle of repose, whichever is the lesser, and such slopes shall be covered with permanent vegetation. To the extent practicable, grading shall be minimized

(b) After the Installation of temporary block corner monuments or other survey control points by the subdivider and approval of street grades by the town or County engineer, the subdivider shall grade the full width of the right-of-way of all streets proposed to be dedicated in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the town board for town roads and the County Highway Commissioner for improvements to County trunk highways. The subdivider shall grade the roadbeds in the street rights-of-way to subgrade. Any cut and filled lands immediately adjacent to street or highway rights-of-way shall be graded and restored in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

(c) Finished Grade. Streets and lots shall be brought to finished grades as specified in a site grading plan approved by the town or County engineer.

(d) Where Electric and Communication Facilities are to be installed underground, the utility easements shall be graded to finished grade elevation, and no earth fill, mounds of dirt, or construction materials shall be stored on such easement areas. [Code § 14.08-3, 2018.]