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(a) After the Installation, inspection, and approval by the town or County engineer of all utility and stormwater drainage improvements, the subdivider shall surface all roadways in streets proposed to be dedicated to the widths prescribed by this Ordinance, a local official map or County highway width map, or County and town comprehensive plans or components thereof. Said surfacing shall be done in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the town engineer for town roads and by the County engineer for improvements to County trunk highways. The second lift of asphalt shall not be installed sooner than one (1) year after the first lift of asphalt is installed or as otherwise specified in the development agreement. The cost of surfacing any arterial streets or highways in excess of 48 feet in width that would serve traffic beyond that generated by the proposed land division or condominium development will be borne by the unit or agency of government having jurisdiction.

(b) The Binder Course shall be placed initially upon completion of the utilities using interim inlets and asphalt wedged curb and gutter. The surface course of asphalt shall be installed not later than 6 months after 60 percent of the lots in the land division have been developed provided the weather meets town or County standards for paving, but in no case shall the surface be placed sooner than one (1) year or more than 3 years after paving the binder course. All failures in the binder course shall be repaired prior to paving the surface. Surfacing shall be done in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the town or County engineer. [Code § 14.08-4, 2018.]