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(a) The Town Board or County zoning committee may require the subdivider to construct a concrete sidewalk or asphalt path, including pervious pavements, on one side of all frontage streets, and on one or both sides of all other streets within and/or adjacent to the land division. Off-street pedestrian/recreational paths may also be required within the open spaces of land divisions. All such facilities shall be located within a dedicated public right-of-way or a public pedestrian/recreation access easement. If located within a public access easement, said easement shall be at least 20 feet wide. The construction of all sidewalks or pedestrian/recreational paths, including bicycle facilities, shall be in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the town or County engineer and adopted pedestrian, bicycle, park, and recreational plans.

(b) Wider than Standard sidewalks or off-street pedestrian/recreational paths may be required by the town board in the vicinity of schools, commercial areas, and other places of public assemblage, and the town board may require the construction of such facilities in locations other than required under the preceding provisions of this Ordinance if such walks or paths are necessary, in their opinion, for safe and adequate pedestrian, bicycle, or recreational circulation. The town board or County zoning committee may waive the requirement for sidewalks or paths upon a finding that such walks or paths are not required because of the provision of a separate network of pedestrian/recreational ways, low vehicular or pedestrian traffic volumes, or lot arrangement. [Code § 14.08-8, 2018.]