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(a) The Subdivider shall make provision for adequate private onsite wastewater treatment systems (POWTS), as specified by the County or State agencies concerned, where public sanitary sewer facilities are not available.

(b) When Public Sanitary Sewer Facilities are available or when it is proposed to establish a private sanitary sewerage system to serve 2 or more lots or condominium units, the subdivider shall construct sanitary sewerage facilities in such a manner as to make adequate sanitary sewerage service available to each lot or unit within the land division.

(c) The Town Board may require the installation of sewer laterals to the street right-of-way line.

(d) The Size, Type and Installation of all sanitary sewers and sanitary sewer laterals proposed to be constructed shall be in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the town engineer.

(e) Where a Town Sanitary District has been created pursuant to Section 60.20 of the Wisconsin Statutes for the purpose of providing and constructing sanitary sewers, such plans and specifications shall be further subject to approval by the town sanitary district commission.

(f) The Subdivider shall assume the cost of installing all sanitary sewers, sewer laterals, and sewer appurtenances within the proposed land division, except for the added cost of installing sewers greater than 8 inches in diameter which are necessary to serve tributary drainage areas lying outside of the proposed land division, unless the over-sizing is required to serve vacant lands owned or controlled by the subdivider. In addition, the subdivider shall pay to the town or town sanitary district wherein the land division is located, a sanitary sewer trunk line connection fee based on the added cost of installing larger sewers in the total tributary drainage area which shall be prorated in proportion to the ratio which the total area of the proposed land division is to the total drainage area to be served by such larger sewers. [Code § 14.08-9, 2018.]