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The Subdivider shall construct stormwater drainage facilities adequate to serve the land division, which may include curbs and gutters, catch basins and inlets, storm sewers, road ditches, open channels, water retention and detention facilities, and settling basins, including bioretention basins with under drains, infiltration trenches, and other green stormwater infrastructure. In addition:

(a) All Such Facilities shall be of adequate size and grade to hydraulically accommodate the maximum potential volumes of flow and shall be so designed as to prevent and control soil erosion and sedimentation and to present no hazard to life or property. The type of facilities required and the design criteria shall be determined by the town or County engineer. All facility plans shall be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the nature of the topography and discharge location within and adjacent to the land division. The subdivider shall obtain a stormwater permit and install the size and type of stormwater management facilities proposed to be constructed in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the County engineer based on the stormwater management requirements in Chapter 17 of the County municipal code.

(b) The Subdivider shall assume the cost of installing all stormwater conveyances and storage facilities within the proposed land division, except for the added cost of installing storm sewers greater than 24 inches in diameter which are necessary to serve tributary drainage areas lying outside of the proposed land division, or to avoid flooding attendant to increased flows downstream of the proposed development caused not by the development but by preexisting development upstream. The subdivider shall pay to the town or town sanitary district wherein the land division is located a storm sewer trunk line connection fee based on the added cost of installing larger sewers in the total tributary drainage area which shall be prorated in proportion to the ratio which the total area of the proposed land division is to the total drainage area to be served by such larger sewers. [Code § 14.08-10, 2018.]