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(a) The Subdivider shall cause gas, electrical power, television cable, telephone, and other communication facilities to be installed, where available, in such a manner as to make adequate service available to each lot or unit in the land division.

(b) All New Electric, telephone, or other communication lines from which lots or condominium units are individually served shall be installed underground within all newly platted subdivisions containing 5 or more lots or units in all residence districts shown on the County zoning maps, unless the town board, after considering a recommendation from the town engineer, or the County zoning committee shall find after study that the location, topography, soil, stands of trees or other physical barriers would make underground installation unreasonable or impracticable or that the lots or units to be served by said facilities can be served directly from existing overhead facilities. Associated equipment and facilities which are appurtenant to underground electric, telephone, and other communication systems including, but not limited to, substations, pad mounted transformers, pad mounted sectionalizing switches, and above-grade pedestal-mounted terminal boxes may be located above ground. Any landscape screening plan required for such above-ground equipment shall be submitted to the affected utility company for approval.

(c) Plans indicating the proposed location of all gas, electrical power, telephone, and other communication distribution and transmission lines required to service the land division shall be approved by the town engineer. [Code § 14.08-12, 2018.]