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The subdivider shall install or pay for the material and installation of a street name sign of a design specified by the town engineer at the intersection of all streets proposed to be dedicated. The subdivider shall also pay for the material and installation of any traffic control signs or signals required, where warranted, as a result of the traffic generated from the proposed land division. Traffic control signs and signals are subject to review and approval by the town engineer or the government agency having jurisdiction. Traffic control and street name signs shall meet the following standards:

(a) The Design and placement of traffic control signs shall comply with applicable State and County requirements.

(b) The Subdivider shall install at least 2 street name signs, of a design and color compatible with the neighborhood and as approved by the town engineer, at each four-way street intersection proposed to be dedicated and one (1) sign at each “T” intersection. Street name signs shall be installed so as to be free of visual obstructions. [Code § 14.08-14, 2018.]