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(a) Trees. The subdivider shall plant street trees of approved species at least 3 inches in diameter at breast height (dbh-approximately 4.5 feet above ground). The total number of trees to be planted shall be based on one (1) for every 50 feet of frontage on all streets proposed to be dedicated and be spaced on average about 50 feet apart. The required trees shall be planted in the existing or planned curb lawn area between sidewalk and curb when an urban street cross-section is used; to the property side of the road ditch when a rural street cross-section is used; or on private property within 5 feet of a front lot line when an easement for such use has been designated on the final plat and at least 10 feet from driveways. Tree plantings shall be completed in accordance with landscaping plans and specifications approved by the town board.

(b) Alternative. The requirement for street trees may be waived by the town board if substantial alternative landscaping, including trees, is to be provided within the land division or condominium development in accordance with a landscaping plan approved by the town board. [Code § 14.08-15, 2018.]