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(a) Plans and Specifications. The subdivider shall install landscaping in accordance with landscape plans and specifications approved by the town as required by Section 14.09-4. Such landscaping may include drought-tolerant landscaping and landscaping in common open areas, and landscape screening within buffer areas, condominium developments, or open space subdivisions, sometimes called cluster developments. If plantings are not installed prior to approval of a final plat or condominium plat, a landscaping schedule shall be specified in a development agreement and appropriate sureties shall be provided.

(b) Maintenance of all landscaping included in approved landscaping plans and specifications shall be the responsibility of the property owner, or, for landscaping installed in common areas, the homeowners or condominium association. Provisions for the maintenance of such landscaping shall be included in the homeowners or condominium association documents required under Section 14.02-5. [Code § 14.08-16, 2018.]