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The subdivider shall prepare erosion and sedimentation control plans and specifications in accordance with Chapter 17, “Kenosha County Stormwater Management, Erosion Control, and Illicit Discharge Ordinance,” of the of the County municipal code. Such plans shall be submitted by the subdivider for review and approval by the County engineer, and an erosion control permit shall be obtained by the subdivider. The subdivider shall plant those grasses, trees, shrubs, groundcover, and vines of a species and size native to Wisconsin and as specified by the County zoning committee, necessary to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation and protect stream and lake banks. In addition:

(a) The County Zoning Committee may require the subdivider to provide or install certain stream and lake protection and rehabilitation measures, such as fencing, sloping, seeding, riprap, revetments, jetties, clearing, dredging, snagging, drop structures, brush mats, willow poles, and grade stabilization structures.

(b) Tree Cutting and shrubbery clearing shall be so conducted as to prevent erosion and sedimentation and preserve and improve scenic qualities.

(c) Paths and Trails in wooded and wetland areas shall not exceed 10 feet in width, unless otherwise approved by the town or County engineer, and shall be so designed and constructed as to result in the least removal and disruption of trees and shrubs and the minimum impairment of natural beauty.

(d) Earth Movements, such as grading, topsoil removal, mineral extraction, stream course changing, road cutting, waterway construction or enlargement, removal of stream or lake bed materials, excavation, channel clearing, ditching, drain tile laying, dredging, and lagooning, shall be so conducted as to prevent erosion and sedimentation and to least disturb the natural fauna, flora, watercourse, water regimen and topography. Such activities shall comply with applicable County and State regulations.

(e) Review of Such Cutting, clearing, and movement may be requested by the County Conservationist the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the town, or the County zoning committee as it deems appropriate. [Code § 14.08-17, 2018.]