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The subdivider shall make every effort to protect and retain all existing noninvasive trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and groundcover not actually lying in paved portions of public street rights-of – way, drainageways, building foundation sites, private driveways, private onsite wastewater treatment areas, and pedestrian/recreation pathways. In addition:

(a) Existing Trees are to be protected and preserved during construction in accordance with the approved landscaping plan and with sound conservation practices, including the preservation of trees by well islands or retaining walls whenever abutting grades are altered.

(b) Temporary Vegetation and Mulching shall be used to protect critical areas (i.e. steep slopes and tree root zones (area extending from the tree trunk to the tree canopy drip line)), and permanent vegetation shall be installed as soon as practical.

(c) Construction at any given time shall be confined to the smallest practical area and for the shortest practical period of time.

(d) Sediment Basins shall be installed and maintained at all drainageways to trap, remove, and prevent sediment and debris from being washed outside the area being developed. [Code § 14.09-6, 2018.]