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(1) Sewer Not Available. Private sewage systems may be constructed when no other public or municipal sewer is available to the property to be served.

(2) In Common POWTS Prohibited Unless Approved. The private sewage system of each structure shall be entirely separate from and dependent of that of any other structure or unless a common system has been specifically approved by the Department and the County.

(3) POWTS Ownership. A private sewage system shall be owned and maintained by the property owner or by a municipal special purpose district or utility if serving multiple structures and/or parcels.

(4) In-Common Systems. Approval for the use of a common system on the same parcel may be subject to an approval by the Department and will require recorded deed restrictions and easements that specify the rights and obligations of the system owner and property owners.

(5) Off-Lot Systems. A system serving multiple parcels or a structure where any portion of the POWTS is on another parcel are not permitted for new development unless previously approved or owned by a municipal special purpose district. These systems may be approved by the Sanitarian as a last resort to replace a failing system on an existing property in lieu of using a holding tank.

(6) POWTS Serving More Than One (1) Structure. When the POWTS is to serve two (2) or more structures by a single private sewage system, the structures and the POWTS must be located on the same property. This situation shall only be allowed to serve a primary residence and structure accessory to the residence or for all other non-residential applications. An exception would be a POWTS replacing a failed system and serving an existing non-conforming parcel that has more than one (1) dwelling unit on its property. [Code § 15.03-2, 2018.]