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(1) Separation of Wastes. All water carried wastes derived from animals and carried via conventional plumbing methods shall be separate and not combined with domestic (human) waste, unless approved by the Department.

(2) Replacement Systems. In situations such as replacement private sewage systems where it may not be possible to separate non-domestic from domestic waste. The non-domestic wastewater load must be metered over a period of time to determine an average daily flow which will be the data used to achieve a design flow for the proposed replacement system. Collection of this data shall occur before any approval of a replacement system is completed.

(3) Separated Non-Domestic Waste. This shall be treated and disposed of so it does not create a human health hazard and shall be in accordance with NR 243 and/or other applicable Wisconsin Administrative Codes or local ordinances.

(4) Multiple Family Dwellings and Condominiums. Shall follow sanitation requirements as stated for their prospective zoning districts as stated in Chapter 12 of the Kenosha County Municipal Code or ordinances of other municipalities.

(5) POWTS Greater than 12,000-Gallons per Day. As defined in the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of Commerce and the Department of Natural Resources and the provisions stated in the Wisconsin Administrative Code. Systems of this category shall adhere to all requirements and approvals required by both departments and their applicable codes. They will also be subject to plan review and approval as well as Sanitary permits and inspections. [Code § 15.03-4, 2018.]