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(1) Component Manuals List. Pursuant to Comm 83.61, Wisconsin Administrative Code, the current list and any future methods and technologies added to this list of private sewage systems are allowed for new and replacement installations within Kenosha County. All methods and technologies shall adhere to the following requirements:

(a) System design, construction, inspection, operation, maintenance and any restrictions shall be adhered to as stated and described in the component manual as provided by the Department and the approved plans and management plan as provided by the installer and approved by the County

(b) Subject to obtaining plan approval by the County or the Department where applicable.

(c) Subject to obtaining a Sanitary Permit from Kenosha County except when prohibited or limited permanently or temporarily as stated in Section 15.03-8 of this chapter.

(d) The County Sanitarian has received appropriate training from the department or a private entity to enable them to properly inspect and fully understand performance standards of the prospective POWTS.

(e) In the event of not receiving training the County will delay issuance of the Sanitary Permit until training has been obtained not to exceed 18 months after that type of method or technology has been recognized under Comm. 83.61, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

(2) POWTS Pre-Treatment Components. May be used as a treatment unit in conjunction with a dispersal cell or used to rejuvenate an existing failed system or may be required to treat high strength waste. All uses shall be approved by the Department and will be subject to requirements stated in this chapter and the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

(3) Cluster Design POWTS. Private sewage systems serving multiple buildings located on a separate property and owned and operated by a municipal entity. [Code § 15.03-6, 2018.]