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(1) General. Typically a system of last resort will be a holding tank system. Limitations to and the acceptable uses of holding tanks are listed in Chapter 15.02-2(7) of this ordinance.

(2) Application for a Holding Tank. The County shall not enter a holding tank agreement if one of the following criteria exists:

(a) A soil and site evaluation documents suitable soils and an area large enough to accommodate a system of proper sizing to serve a particular existing or proposed building or facility. For purposes of this determination the soils must meet at least the “A+4” criteria.

(b) The owner has not met with a County Sanitarian to determine if an exception to the “last resort” rule may be allowed. The owner may be required to provide documentation as why some other means of sewage disposal would not be acceptable to them.

(c) The soil evaluation report for the parcel in question is incomplete or has not evaluated all possible areas on the property for a POWTS. The Sanitarian has the authority to require an on-site evaluation of the property and can request that soil borings be provided for his viewing and evaluation.

(d) The holding tank is to serve a parcel that has been subdivided after the implementation date of this ordinance.

(3) Holding Tank Agreements.

(a) All agreements must be completed on documents drafted by and provided by the County.

(b) The owner or a designated agent must sign the agreement in the presence of a notary along with the Sanitarian before plan approval submittal to the Department or its agent.

(c) The original document shall be recorded with the Kenosha County Register of Deeds prior to or at the time of Sanitary Permit issuance. A fee will be required to record this document.

(d) The agreement will run with the land and will notify any subsequent owner the requirement and obligations of maintaining a holding tank.

(e) Holding tank agreements may be cancelled by request of the owner or their agent when a holding tank no longer serves the structure on a particular property or the property is now served by municipal sewer. The owner is responsible to provide the necessary information to the sanitarian in order for him to complete the cancellation document. A fee is required from the owner to record this document with the Register of Deeds.

(4) Servicing Contracts.

(a) Prior to issuance of a Sanitary Permit for a holding tank the property owner shall contract with a person who is licensed under Chapter NR 113, Wisconsin Administrative Code to have the holding tank serviced when sewage levels are within one (1) foot of the invert inlet level of the tank.

(b) The owner shall provide a completed contract to the County prior to or at the time of Sanitary Permit application submittal.

(c) The owner shall file a new contract should any changes occur with the contract within ten (10) business days from the date of any change to the service contract.

(5) Holding Tanks Serving Flows more than 3,000 Gallons Per Day. The owner or their agent must submit to the County written approval from the DNR describing the method of final disposal of the septage pursuant to NR 113.07(1) and (3) Wisconsin Administrative Code. [Code § 15.03-7, 2018.]