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(1) General. Every POWTS shall require a separate application and a Sanitary Permit.

(2) Sanitary Permit Issued Before Building/Zoning Permits. A Sanitary Permit shall be obtained by the property owner, his agent or a contractor in the name of the owner prior to installation of the system and/or prior to issuance of any zoning or building permit if this is a new construction structure to be served by a POWTS. Any owner or their agent who starts construction of the POWTS or a new construction structure prior to obtaining a Sanitary Permit is in violation of this ordinance and may be subject to double permit fees or penalties provided in this chapter.

(3) Permits Required. A Sanitary Permit shall be obtained by the property owner or his agent before any POWTS or part thereof may be installed, replaced, reconnected or modified. A Sanitary Permit is not required for the addition of manhole risers or for the replacement of manhole covers, manhole risers, baffles or pumps. However, installation of these components must meet compliance with Comm. 83 and 84 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

(4) County Sanitary Permit. County Sanitary Permits shall be obtained prior to constructing and installing the following: vault privy, indoor non-plumbing sanitation systems, construction/reconnection to an existing system, disconnection/reconnection of a system, reconstruction of a structure connected to an existing POWTS and on-site renovation/treatment of an existing system.

(5) Existing POWTS. Existing private sewage systems that have failed or when components have collapsed or portions requiring modification or replacement, must have the entire system evaluated for compliance with existing codes prior to issuance of a Sanitary Permit. This shall include verification of the soils by conducting a soil and site evaluation for those systems that utilize in-situ soils as a means of final dispersal of the sewage. A soil and site evaluation is not necessary if an existing soil test is on file with the County that is complete, legible and can provide the necessary information to determine compliance.

In the event that any part of the system is found to be defective or not in compliance with the applicable provisions of this ordinance or the Wisconsin Administrative Code, the Sanitary Permit application shall be denied. If the existing system is acceptable the permit application shall include specifications for the repair, renovation, replacement or removal of that part. The County may require an on-site inspection of the existing system prior to issuance of a Sanitary Permit.

(6) Compliance with the Sanitary Ordinance before Building/Zoning Permit Issuance. No city, village, town or County shall issue zoning or building permits for a structure that will be or is already served by a POWTS unless a Sanitary Permit has been issued or the compliance has been met pursuant to Comm. 83.25, Wisconsin Administrative Code and this ordinance.

(7) Outstanding Revisions/Violation by Installers. No Sanitary Permits may be issued where the installer responsible for the installation has outstanding revisions and/or violations that have been identified in writing by the County.

(8) False Information. Any permit issued under this subsection shall be void if any false or inaccurate information is made on the permit application which enabled the approval and issuance of this permit. The owner shall be notified in writing by the County and a new permit shall be applied for.

(9) State Sanitary Permits. Applications for State Sanitary Permits pursuant to Comm. 83, Wisconsin Administrative Code shall be made on forms supplied and approved by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Commerce. [Code § 15.04-2, 2018.]