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(1) Sanitary Permit Application shall include the following information which shall be furnished by the applicant on forms required by the State and/or the County along with the applicable fees:

(a) All information on the Sanitary Permit application form shall be complete, legible and accurate.

(b) A clear and legible detailed plot plan preferably drawn to scale on a minimum of 8 1/2" x 11" quality paper.

(c) Plot plan shall include but not limited to: the lot size and location of all existing and proposed private sewage system components, building sewers, sanitary and storm sewers, wells, water mains or water service, streams, lakes or wetland boundaries, buildings, lot lines, replacement system area, adjoining property owner features affecting setback or other restrictions as stated in Comm 83, benchmark as established on the soil and site evaluation report and demonstrate compliance with all horizontal setback parameters established in Comm 83.43 Wisconsin Administrative Code.

(d) Two (2) complete sets of plans and specifications for the proposed POWTS including all components shall be provided. This includes applications where only a portion of the system is being replaced and some existing components from the original system are remaining. Proper specifications for the existing component(s) must be included.

(e) Soil and Site Evaluation Report - complete and legible.

(f) State approved plans (if required - two (2) sets including the Department’s conditional approval letter and plan approval stamp.

(g) Management plan for the proposed system pursuant to the applicable component manual.

(h) A contingency plan that may be part of the management plan.

(i) Septic Tank Maintenance Agreement or a Holding Tank Agreement shall be recorded with the Register of Deeds prior to or at the time of Sanitary Permit application.

(j) Other recordable documents required as a condition of Sanitary Permit issuance as stated throughout this ordinance. These documents must be complete and recorded with the Register of Deeds prior to or at the time of Sanitary permit application.

(k) Fees as stated in Attachment of “A” of this ordinance.

(l) The County reserves the right to require floodplain and/or wetland delineation for a building site or a proposed POWTS area prior to issuance of a Sanitary Permit. The County may require flood elevations and/or wetland boundaries on plans to be documented by a registered land surveyor.

(m) The County reserves the right to refuse incomplete or incorrect permit applications or to delay permit issuance until corrected or completed applications are received. [Code § 15.04-3, 2018.]