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(1) System Plans shall be submitted to the Department or the County for approval in accordance with Comm 83, Wisconsin Administrative Code and this ordinance. Plans must comply with all applicable requirements as stated in the Wisconsin Administrative Code governing POWTS and non-plumbing sanitary systems.

(a) Number of Complete Plans. Plans submitted to the County for all applications shall include an original set and at least one (1) complete set for the owner. If a third set is submitted it will be returned to the installing plumber.

(b) State Approved Plans. If plans are reviewed and approved by the Department at least one (1) set of plans submitted to the County shall bear an original State approval stamp or seal along with the conditional approval letter.

(c) Plan Quality. Plans submitted shall be clear, legible and permanent copies.

(d) Plan Content. Plans submitted shall comply with Comm 83 and applicable Wisconsin Administrative Codes and shall include the following:

1. Name of the property owner and a legal description of the property with the parcel I.D. or pin number.

2. Estimated calculated daily wastewater flow and the design wastewater flow.

3. A detailed plot plan as described in Chapter 15.04-3(1)(c) of this section.

4. Details and configuration layouts depicting how the system is to be constructed.

5. A detailed contingency plan describing to the owner the options available to them in the event the system fails and cannot be repaired.

6. A management plan and owner’s manual explaining to the owner their responsibilities in up-keep and maintenance of their POWTS.

7. Sufficient supporting information to determine whether the proposed design, installation and management of the proposed private sewage system or modification to an existing system complies with this ordinance and the Wisconsin Administrative Code. This shall include but is not limited to: outlet baffle information, treatment tank cross sections, literature on pre-treatment components, etc.

(2) Plans Shall be Bound and Signed. Plans shall be signed, bound and sealed as specified in Comm 83 Wisconsin Administrative Code.

(3) Plans Available at Construction Site. A copy of the approved plans shall be maintained at the construction site until the private sewage system installation is completed, inspected and accepted. Plans shall be made available to the County or the State upon request.

(4) Revisions. Any modification to the design of a POWTS previously approved by the County or the State shall be revised and approved prior to installation of the system. Plan submittal shall be in accordance with Comm .83, Wisconsin Administrative Code and this chapter. A fee may be charged for the review of the revised plans. [Code § 15.04-4, 2018.]