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The transfer of ownership of a property shall require a transfer of a current Sanitary Permit if the system has not been installed, inspected and accepted. The following shall apply:

(1) Completed Application. The applicable State transfer form shall be properly completed and signed and submitted to the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development.

(2) Proof of Ownership. The new owner shall be prepared to show the County proof of ownership in the form of a certified copy of the recorded deed unless the County can confirm ownership via County Land Record datum.

(3) Return of Current Permit Card. The current Sanitary Permit card shall be returned to the County where ever possible so that a new permit card can be issued.

(4) Expiration Date. Transfer of ownership does not affect the expiration date of the permit or renewal requirements.

(5) Revision Required. Transfer of ownership may prompt the need to revise the plans of the Sanitary Permit which shall be done in accordance with Comm. 83, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

(6) Administration Fee Required. A County fee shall be paid at the time of submittal to the Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development in accordance with Attachment “A” of this ordinance. [Code § 15.04-7, 2018.]