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An owner, with a valid Sanitary Permit may change plumbers responsible for the installation of their POWTS provided the following conditions are met:

(1) Completed Application. The owner or his agent submits to the County the properly completed change of plumbers form including the signature of the new plumber.

(2) Return of Current Permit Card. The Sanitary Permit card shall accompany the application so that the name of the new plumber can be added to the permit card. If the card has been lost, destroyed or is not available at the time of application, a notice of change of plumber placard will be issued.

(3) Permits Approved to Designers vs Licensed Plumbers. Sanitary Permits for systems that required State plan approval may be transferred provided that the approval was granted to an architect, engineer or plumbing designer. Permits that have plans designed by licensed plumbers both State approved or approved by the County shall require a new submittal by the new plumber at the time of application for the change in plumbers. This plan submittal shall include the following:

(a) All plans must meet submittal requirements as required in Comm. 83, Wisconsin Administrative Code and in Chapter 15.04-3 and 15.04-4 of this section.

(b) A new form SBD6398. “Application for a Sanitary Permit” must be completed and signed by the new plumber.

(c) Plan submittal must be the original work of the new plumber. No altered copies of the previous plumbers plans will be accepted.

(4) Administrative Fee. A County Fee shall be paid at the time of submittal to the Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development in accordance with Attachment “B” of this ordinance.

(5) Transfer of Plumbers Prior to Installation. The complete change of plumbers procedure must be completed prior to the installation of the POWTS. [Code § 15.04-8, 2018.]