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(1) Review period. Permits shall be reviewed and approved or denied within 30 days of receiving a complete Sanitary Permit application and all submittal requirements as stated in this chapter and Comm . 83, Wisconsin Administrative Code. The 30 day period shall begin when all materials have been submitted to the County Sanitarian and meets his satisfaction.

(2) Complete Permit Application Submittal. In the event the County Sanitarian has not been provided with a complete Sanitary Permit submittal after making contact with the plumber the plans will be held by the County until the proper information is provided. Once accepted, the plans will be stamped “received” and dated and the 30 day review period will begin.

(3) Permit Denial. Permit denial shall occur when applicable provisions of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Wisconsin Administrative Code or this Ordinance have not been complied with when applying for a Sanitary Permit.

(4) Written Notice. The County shall issue a written notice of denial to the owner and installing plumber. Each notice shall state the specific reasons for denial and shall include, if possible, any amendments to the plan that will render it acceptable. The denial notice shall also advise the applicant of the right to appeal under Chapter 68 Wisconsin Statues and Chapter 15.07-3 of the ordinance. A copy of the written denial may be forwarded to area state representatives and the Corporation Counsel. [Code § 15.04-9, 2018.]