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(1) Onsite Field Verification Authority. The Sanitarian has the discretion and authority to conduct an on-site field verification concerning soil conditions, setbacks, land features, failing conditions of an existing POWTS, accuracy of a submitted plan/permit application or soil and site evaluation, performance evaluation of a POWTS or any other activity or information deemed necessary for them to properly perform their duties.

(2) Report Negligence of Licensed Persons. The Sanitarian shall log any serious discrepancies and inconsistencies by licensed persons and if necessary shall notify the Department of their findings.

(3) Property Access. The County Sanitarian shall have access to all property within its jurisdiction during reasonable hours to make necessary inspections and collect evidence and information. In the event any owner or occupant of any premises refuses entry for inspection purposes, the County may obtain a special inspection warrant under section 66.122, Wisconsin Statutes. Submittal of a soil and site evaluation, a performance evaluation of an existing POWTS, a report of septic or holding tank pumping, a maintenance report for a pre-treatment unit, an application for a Sanitary Permit or a complaint on a possible violation shall be deemed as a reason for entry onto a property by the Sanitarian. [Code § 15.05-12, 2018.]