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(1) General Requirements. Testing of new systems with particular treatment or pre-treatment components or experimental/engineered systems may be required by Comm. 82, 83, 84 or 91, Wisconsin Administrative Code. Testing may also be a condition in the state approval of a particular system

(2) Non-Plumbing Sanitation Systems. The plumber or the property owner if this is a non-plumbing sanitation system shall be responsible to contact the Sanitarian directly to schedule an inspection pursuant to 15.05-1(3) of this chapter.

(3) Competent Person to Test the System. It shall be the plumber’s or the property owner’s responsibility, if this is a non-plumbing system, to have a competent qualified person on the premises to conduct the testing while the Sanitarian makes observations of the test.

(4) Verification of Testing in Lieu of County Inspection. The County may accept a written verification of an acceptable test by a competent qualified person in lieu of witnessing the test themselves. [Code § 15.05-13, 2018.]