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(1) Duration between Service Pumpings. All septic and anaerobic treatment tanks whose Sanitary Permits were issued on or after April 7, 1981 shall be visually inspected and pumped within a 36 month period as specified by the County Sanitarian.

(2) Notice of Maintenance. Notice of required maintenance shall be mailed by the Sanitarian where a maintenance report has not been completed and submitted to the County within a 34-month period. The property owner or their agent shall file the report within the specified notification period.

(3) Owner Responsibility. The owner shall be the responsible party to insure the Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development receives the maintenance report within the specified time frame as stated in the notice.

(4) Service Frequency. Service frequency of a septic or anaerobic treatment tank serving a POWTS shall occur at least when the combined sludge and scum volume equals one-third (1/3) of the tank volume.

(5) Licensed Pumpers. Pumping/servicing of all anaerobic treatment tanks shall be done by a certified septage servicing operator in accordance with NR 113 Wisconsin Administrative Code

(6) Exception to Three (3) Year Pumping. Upon notification of the owner of the required service, the owner desires to have a sludge and scum determination conducted and it is found the tank(s) does not need service. The service notification of the service frequency becomes annual until the anaerobic treatment tanks(s) is/are pumped. After the service visit the maintenance interval again becomes triennial.

(7) Tanks Sized for Thirty-Six (36) Month Maintenance. All anaerobic treatment tanks installed and/or under maintenance requirements of this ordinance shall be sized large enough to maintain a maintenance frequency of not less than 36-months. If sized larger, the maintenance frequency will remain 36-months.

(8) Violations. It shall be considered a violation of this ordinance when a property owner has received notification of the maintenance requirements and does not submit to the County a properly completed maintenance report form within the specified period of time.

(9) Penalties and Citations. The Sanitarian may issue a citation to the property owner for the violation stated in sub-section (8). Each day this violation exists constitutes a separate offense and additional citations may be issued.

(10) Completed Maintenance Report. A properly completed anaerobic treatment tank maintenance report shall have and include the following items:

(a) Signature of the property owner.

(b) Signature of the service provider(s)/licensed waste hauler.

(c) Type and number of treatment tanks serviced.

(d) Quantity of waste product removed from the treatment tanks.

(e) Date of services provided.

(f) Statement of condition of POWTS treatment components including but not limited to: treatment tanks, POWTS dispersal components, POWTS treatment components.

(g) Property owners name and mailing address.

(h) Address of property being serviced.

(i) Sanitary permit number.

(j) The license, certification or registration number of the individuals performing the inspection, maintenance or servicing/pumping.

(k) Additional information requested by the Sanitarian.

(11) Pump Chambers. All anaerobic treatment tank components connected to a pump or lift chamber or tank for purposes of service and maintenance will be required to be service pumped every time an anaerobic treatment tank is pumped. The maintenance report shall note and confirm the servicing of the chamber.

(12) Outlet Baffle Filters. All anaerobic treatment tanks having an outlet baffle filter will require maintenance each time a tank is service pumped.

(13) Acceptable Delay in Maintenance. There may be occasional circumstances such as inclimate weather, road weight restrictions and site limitations that may allow a delay of tank maintenance until conditions permit upon approval by the County.

(14) Pre-April 7, 1981 Anaerobic Treatment Tanks. Existing POWTS that have anaerobic treatment tanks that pre-date April 7, 1981 have a maintenance responsibility under Comm. 83.54(4) and 83.55, Wisconsin Administrative Code. The owner has the responsibility to provide the County with a report for each servicing event. The County shall only maintain records of the service events. Failure of the owner to provide a record of service to the County may result in disclosure provisions by the owner as stated in Chapter 709 Wisconsin Statutes. [Code § 15.06-3, 2018.]