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(1) Maintenance Agreements. All POWTS that include a mechanical aerobic treatment unit (ATU) must have a completed maintenance agreement provided by the County, completed by the owner and attached to their Sanitary Permit application.

(a) All mechanical ATU maintenance agreements shall be recorded with the Register of Deeds prior to or at the time of Sanitary Permit issuance.

(b) All maintenance agreements shall be transferable to all other subsequent owners, heirs or assignees of the property that the ATU serves for as long as the ATU is in existence.

(c) In the event the property that has the ATU is served by municipal sewer or is replaced with a POWTS that no longer utilizes this particular device, the County shall provide a document to cancel the original ATU maintenance agreement.

(d) The owner shall be in agreement to maintain their mechanical ATU in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and their management plan.

(e) The owner shall agree to be under contract with a service provider for the life of their ATU understanding that they may change providers each time their contract is approaching its renewal date.

(f) The owner shall be responsible to pay for all maintenance services and costs as long as the ATU serves the property.

(2) Service Contracts. All mechanical ATU’s must also have a service contract from the product manufacturer or their distributor that indicates the service requirements and at what interval. This document shall also include:

(a) The name, address and phone number of the licensed POWTS maintainer contracted to do the service.

(b) The expiration date of the particular service contract. Each time a service contract is renewed or a new contract is made, the service provider or the owner shall provide a copy to the County.

(c) Name and address of the property owner, Sanitary Permit number and Tax ID or pin number of the property.

(d) It shall be a violation of this ordinance and the owner shall be subject to a citation or forfeiture in the event they do not maintain a current service contract.

(3) ATU Maintenance and Reporting.

(a) The service provider based on the manufacturers specifications shall determine when the ATU shall be serviced and/or pumped. In the event the service provider fails to service the ATU within the time frame of its contract, the County shall have the authority to direct the owner to obtain another service provider or will appoint one to perform the service.

(b) Upon completion of each service visit by a POWTS maintainer/service provider, there shall be a report submitted to the County Sanitarian within ten (10) business days of the service date.

(c) The contracted POWTS maintainer of the ATU must be responsible for the scheduling of regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and as stated on the service contract. The service interval shall not deviate from the plan and manufacturers specifications unless written authorization is received from the manufacturer and the County Sanitarian.

(d) In the event the Sanitarian does not receive service reports or discovers that the service intervals are not being followed in accordance with the maintenance and management plan, it will be considered a violation of this ordinance and subject to penalty or citation. [Code § 15.06-5, 2018.]