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(1) Approved Materials. All materials, fixtures, pre-treatment devices, leaching chambers, anaerobic treatment units, final treatment units, etc. used in the construction or altering or repair of all POWTS and non-plumbing sanitation systems shall be approved by the Department.

(2) Non-Approved or Defective Materials are prohibited to be used in or on all POWTS and non-plumbing sanitation systems in Kenosha County.

(3) Product Performance / Consumer Protection. Any material, product, treatment device, etc. showing evidence of poor performance or inferior quality or defect will be investigated by the Sanitarian and discussed with the manufacturer, the distributor, the products division of the Department and the installer of the product. Upon the findings of the Sanitarian, he may delay the issuance of any Sanitary Permit using this product until assurances have been provided that proper performance and protection of the consumer can be maintained.

(4) Maintenance and Management of Pre-Treatment Units. The Sanitarian may delay the issuance of any Sanitary Permit utilizing a particular pre-treatment unit when the service provider for a particular unit has failed to perform required maintenance or provide maintenance reports or reports that are incomplete or not submitted within an acceptable timeframe in accordance with the maintenance contract or the system management plan for that product. The Sanitarian must discuss the performance problems with maintenance with the product distributor and the POWTS maintainer and receive all the backlogged reports before any permits will again be issued. [Code § 15.06-8, 2018.]