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(1) Plats. All copies of plats submitted for County review regarding this section shall be clear, legible and permanent and shall include sufficient information for the County to determine if the proposed subdivision complies with the requirements of this chapter and all other applicable Kenosha County Municipal Codes. Two (2) complete sets of information shall be submitted to the Sanitarians for review.

(a) Applicable Data. All plats shall include the following information for soil and site review. A separate plat may be prepared to highlight only the soil suitabilities and POWTS review of the plat. The plat shall include all the requirements of submittal as stated in Chapter 14 of the Kenosha County Municipal Code and in addition must provide the following information to review suitability for private on-site waste disposal systems:

1. Soil Mapping Units and Boundaries. Using information provided by the Soil Survey for Racine and Kenosha Counties, the soil mapping information shall be delineated on the plat.

2. Ground Surface Contours. The plat shall provide two (2) foot contour data throughout the entire project area.

3. Floodplain Data. When applicable, any 100-year floodplain information shall be delineated with the flood elevation.

4. Bodies of Water. Any existing body of water, including wetlands adjacent to and abutting any portion of the plat shall be illustrated with elevation data showing the highest known elevation of the water surface. Any proposed system area shall be at least two (2) feet above the ordinary highwater elevation of the water body.

5. Land Slopes. All areas proposed for POWTS shall not have any land slopes within the minimum continuous suitable soil area exceeding twenty-five (25) percent. Any area exceeding 25% shall be accurately delineated and shown on the plat.

6. At-Surface Systems. The soil borings conducted to verify soil suitability and a minimum continuous suitable soil area must be shown and labeled for every system of this type on every lot it occurs on the plat. The area must be sited on contour and have a longitudinal axis of at least one hundred and twenty (120) feet.

7. Easements. Minimum continuous suitable soil areas shall not include any easements nor shall they be placed where they would prohibit the installation of any component of a POWTS or its conveyance piping. Easements may provide some exclusions for POWTS, however, must be approved by the County.

8. POWTS Replacement Areas. Any areas being proposed as replacement areas for a POWTS must be identified as such.

9. Reduced Minimum Continuous Suitable Soil Area. These areas must be clearly marked and recorded on the plat as being a lot that will require the use of pre-treatment in order to establish a POWTS. Lots of this type must be pre-approved by the County.

10. All Soil Borings. All soil borings evaluated by the soil and site evaluator must be located and numbered in sequential order on the plat. The boring numbers shall match the soil profile descriptions on the soil and site evaluation forms.

11. Proposed Building Envelopes. On lots that have less than 60,000 square feet of buildable area, the proposed primary structure area shall be shown in compliance with all minimum setbacks in this ordinance and Chapter 12 of the Kenosha County Municipal Code.

12. Proposed Well Areas and Water Supply Service Lines and Water Main Locations. Well location shall be such that it meets the minimum requirements of NR812 and waterlines and mains shall be in compliance with Comm. 82 both of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

13. Non-Complying Areas. Any areas of the landscape that will not meet the minimum soil suitability criteria of this section (A+4) or are wetlands or areas of seasonal flooding or are of soil mapping units designated as hydric soils as per the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Section II Technical Guide - Hydric Soil Interpretations shall be delineated on all plats.

(b) Report Forms. All soil profile descriptions must be reported on the soil and site evaluation report forms as provided by the Department of Commerce. The report forms shall be complete and in permanent ink, dated with an original signature on each page by the licensed soil tester. Soil data sheets shall be properly numbered and soil borings shall be sequentially numbered and relate to the borings located on the plat. In situations where sites are being evaluated for systems that will be at surface, the reports shall be prepared as individual, by lot, soil and site evaluations. However, the soil boring numbers shall remain sequentially numbered. The purpose of this is to use these evaluations as the final soil test for the proposed lot.

(c) Submittal Fees. The Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development shall collect a fee for review of the soil data in accordance with Attachment “B” of this ordinance adopted by the County Board of Supervisors. All fees shall be remitted to the County at the time the plat is submitted for review. No plat shall be accepted for review without the soil and site data being included and the fees paid along with the submittal requirements set forth in other applicable County ordinances. All submittals for soil and site review must be made to the Sanitarian. Fees shall be collected for proposed buildable lots only.

(d) Additional Information. Upon review by the Sanitarian additional information may be needed to complete the soil suitability review to insure that all lots meet compliance with this ordinance. Any requests for additional information shall be made in writing to the soil tester and copied to the submitter. Failure to provide the requested information to the Sanitarian in a timely fashion may result in the Land Use Committee having to table the review of the plat on the proposed public hearing date.

(e) Revocation of Plat Approval. The County has the authority to rescind or suspend a plat approval under this ordinance in the event that any false information or misrepresentation of facts is discovered or determined by the Sanitarian after an approval was issued.

(f) Approval or Objections. The Sanitarian shall review the submitted soil and site evaluation information and issue a written recommendation of approval or objection of the plat within the time frame allotted in accordance with Chapters 12 & 14 of the Kenosha County Municipal Code. An objection may result in the Land Use Committee delaying their review of the proposed plat.

(2) Certified Survey Maps and All Other Land Divisions. All land divisions referred to as certified survey maps shall be documented by having a survey by a Wisconsin licensed land surveyor. The submitter shall provide to the Sanitarian two (2) copies of the survey showing the proposed land division(s). Each copy shall be clear, legible and permanent and include all the minimum information required by this chapter for divisions of this type and all other applicable Municipal Codes.

(a) Required Information on Survey. For soil and site review purposes the survey shall illustrate the location of the soil borings grouped to confirm a suitable POWTS site on the proposed parcel.

(b) Soil and Site Evaluation. A complete soil and site evaluation shall be required for each parcel being divided including the remnant parcel if under thirty-five (35) acres. Each evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with Chapter Comm. 85 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The completed soil and site evaluation for each proposed subdivided parcel must be submitted at the time of application for a certified survey map or a rezoning for a new parcel. Land divisions not requiring any County zoning or land subdivision approval because of parcel size must still comply with this section of the ordinance. All soil and site evaluation submittals shall be made directly to the Sanitarian.

(c) Fees. A review fee is required for only those vacant parcels being divided by a certified survey map process. All fees must be paid at the time of submittal to the Sanitarian in accordance with Attachment “B” of this ordinance. [Code § 15.07-3, 2018.]