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(1) General. All land divisions recorded on or after the implementation date of this ordinance shall have documented proof in the form of a soil and site evaluation report completed by a licensed evaluator from the Department of Commerce that the parcel(s) in question have suitable soils designated for a POWTS with a soil dispersal system.

(2) Holding Tanks. The use of holding tanks shall be prohibited to serve any new development, vacant parcels of land that are subdivided after the implementation date of this ordinance. Except that holding tanks may be permitted in some non-residential uses on newly created parcels as stated in this ordinance.

(3) The A+4 Soil Criteria. All subdivided parcels of land shall meet the minimum soil criteria of an “A” horizon and four (4) inches of unmottled soil of a B, E or C horizon immediately below. The minimum contiguous suitable soil area must accommodate a 600 gallons per day wastewater flow for a proposed residential use. This includes parcels greater than thirty-five (35) acres.

(4) Soil Interpretations and Soil Saturation Determinations. These procedures shall be permitted only to interpret soil conditions that may result in soil suitabilities being more favorable than the A+4 criteria. A proposed parcel must have at least a suitable A+4 site available before any other interpretation is pursued.

(5) Hydric Soils. As determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Section II Technical Guide - Hydric Soil Interpretations. Soils of this category shall not be used to site or establish POWTS with soil dispersal cells. Except that inclusions and irregularities of soil mapping can occur thus permitting the Sanitarian or the Department’s Private Sewage Consultant to determine whether a particular proposed site does not meet the definition of hydric soils. (Note: Development on hydric soils may also be prohibited in other chapters of the Kenosha County Municipal Code).

(6) Filled Lands. No parcels shall be created using landscapes that have been previously filled or disturbed for siting a POWTS. Except that inground design type systems may be sited below the fill in native soils if it is determined suitable. The dispersal cell and infiltrative surface of the system shall be installed in the undisturbed native soil. [Code § 15.07-8, 2018.]