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(1) Record Keeping. The Sanitarian shall keep a written record of all complaints filed with the Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development regarding private sewage systems and non-plumbing sanitation systems. Specific information shall be collected which may include:

(a) Name, address and phone number of person filing the complaint and whether or not they wish to be anonymous.

(b) Specific information regarding the particular complaint such as the type of problem, location on the property, can the problem be seen from the complaintant’s property, and is the problem occurring presently or occasionally.

(c) Site-Visit. Upon questioning the individual filing the complaint, the Sanitarian has the discretion as to whether or not to conduct an on-site investigation. The Sanitarian may request the person filing the complaint to notify them immediately when the infraction is occurring or is visible. If the Sanitarian decides an on-site visit is necessary he shall follow the following procedure:

1. Make contact with the owner or their tenant in the property where the possible violation is occurring to gain permission to view the possible infraction.

2. If denied permission to enter the Sanitarian shall leave immediately.

3. The Sanitarian may attempt to collect information and evidence from off the premises by questioning neighbors, collecting samples from public right-of-way or taking pictures from neighboring properties with permission from the property owner.

4. The Sanitarian may obtain an inspection warrant if denied access or may issue orders based on his conversation and observations while on the property or by collecting information from neighboring properties or public right-of-ways. [Code § 15.08-6, 2018.]