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(1) General Standards. Soil and Site Evaluations shall be conducted by an evaluator licensed by the State of Wisconsin - Department of Commerce in compliance with Comm 83, 85 and 91, Wisconsin Administrative Code. A minimum of three (3) excavations shall be established and completely described and evaluated to delineate a prospective dispersal area. (NOTE: Kenosha County recommends delineating a large enough area to accommodate a replacement system on new development parcels served by subsurface systems).

(2) Elevations. Soil and site evaluations shall relate to the undisturbed and unfinished grade elevations and shall be referenced to a vertical and horizontal reference point established on the property as identified and described by the evaluator. Surface elevations shall be provided for all soil borings. Soil borings may not be required if a particular property is in the floodplain, however it will be assumed that the soils are indicative of saturation.

(3) County On-Site Evaluations. A County on-site evaluation of the soil and site evaluation report may be necessary to determine suitability or unsuitability of a parcel for a POWTS. The County shall require on-site evaluations on all soil and site evaluations conducted in Kenosha County for the following systems:

(a) All at surface systems such as: mounds, at-grades and proposed systems utilizing pre-treatment.

(b) All parcels utilizing a holding tank, new construction or replacement.

(c) Soil and site evaluations that find inclusions in the mapping units found in the Soil Survey of Kenosha and Racine Counties.

(4) County On-Site Requirements. All County on-site evaluations will be conducted prior to issuance of a Sanitary Permit and shall be attended by the soil evaluator with excavation equipment on the site. The evaluator shall provide the County with a preliminary copy of the soil and site evaluation report prior to the time of the on-site evaluation. If the evaluation is being conducted at the same time the evaluator is performing their soil test, then the evaluator shall be prepared to show preliminary profile descriptions to the sanitarian at the time of the on-site visit.

(5) Waiving a County On-Site. The County has the discretion to waive the on-site evaluation if workload dictates other field work priorities or the County has previous knowledge of existing soil conditions.

(6) Soil Boring Requirements. All soil borings to be observed shall be excavated and to the satisfaction of the Sanitarian prior to the appointment time.

(7) County Assistance. Soil and site evaluators may request at any time assistance from the County to determine soil conditions or conduct a soil interpretation.

(8) Soil Interpretations. All soil interpretations as permitted in Comm. 85, Wisconsin Administrative Code shall have an on-site evaluation done by the County.

(9) County Report Required. All soil evaluations conducted by the County shall be documented by a report and will be filed with the soil and site evaluation report. [Code § 15.04-1, 2018.]