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(1) Notice for County Inspection. Notice for final inspections shall be given to the County Sanitarian for all POWTS installed, modified or reconnected. All non-plumbing sanitation systems requiring County Sanitary Permits shall be included in this category of inspections and procedures.

(2) Compliance with all Codes. All POWTS shall be inspected by the County for compliance with Comm. 82, 83, 84 and 91 Wisconsin Administrative Code and all other applicable Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code and this ordinance.

(3) Scheduling Inspections. Notification for final inspection shall be given in accordance with the requirements of Comm. 83.26(2)(a) through (e) Wisconsin Administrative Code. Notice shall be given by the plumber in charge directly to the County Sanitarian. Inspections of any type being scheduled for the same day inspection shall be made to the County no later than 9:30 a.m.

(4) No Backfilling before Inspections. The entire system shall be left completely open for the County inspection. This includes all conveyance piping and dispersal cells. The plumber may have occasion to request a portion of the system to be backfilled for construction purposes. This must be pre-approved by the County. The County has the discretion to request a portion of a system to be uncovered to permit completion of the inspection as well as requesting a portion to remain open for a return inspection if the installation is not complete or non-compliant and has to be corrected.

(5) Licensed Plumber present at the time of Inspection. When a system is complete and ready for inspection the plumber in charge or an authorized journeyman plumber must be at the construction site. All components of the system shall be made accessible to the Sanitarian by the plumber. The plumber shall provide the proper apparatus and equipment and provide necessary assistance to the Sanitarian in order to complete the inspection.

(6) Use Prohibited until Final Inspection. No POWTS or modification of, or re-connection, or non-plumbing sanitation system shall be used, enlarged, operated or altered until an inspection has been performed and a report has been completed indicating compliance with all terms of the ordinance. Backfilling and/or use of the system is prohibited until the County has completed all of the inspections on the system with the exception of follow-up inspections to view system performance or features found at or above the final grade of the system.

(7) Follow-up Site Visits. The POWTS may be inspected by the Sanitarian periodically after the initial installation and/or after the system is operative at the discretion of the County.

(8) System Status after County Inspections. The inspection report completed and filed by the County shall apply only to the dates of inspection as it relates to the particular POWTS or system. It shall not imply that the system continues to be compliant with state and County regulations. Any change in the usage or modification of the POWTS shall constitute a new application, permit and inspection. [Code § 15.05-1, 2018.]