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(a) The Health Officer shall issue a license to the applicant if the requirements of this chapter have been complied with and if all applicable fees have been fully paid to the Division.

(b) Any applicant that provides food to the needy free of charge, including a gratuity, shall be exempt from the license and fee specified under this section, but compliance with applicable health rules shall be required.

(c) If the annual renewal fee has not been paid on or before June 30 of each year, an additional late payment fee shall be assessed, as specified in this ordinance under each license category. Establishments or individuals operating on July 15 without a proper license shall be ordered closed by the Health Officer.

(d) All license and administrative fees shall be rounded upwards to the nearest dollar where necessary.

(e) Any other fees owed to the Division by a person or an establishment including, but not limited to, water testing fees shall be added to the renewal fee.

(f) A $50.00 reinspection fee may be assessed for all reinspections when a violation(s) of an order has not been brought into compliance by the owner and/or operator of an establishment. The reinspection fee will be added to the renewal fee.

(g) Beginning July 1, 2014 , and continuing in each license year thereafter, the license fee shall increase in an amount up to 5% per year until the programs fully fund all direct program related costs, as determined by the annual cost allocation plan. This increase pertains to the following licenses: Restaurants, Retail Food Establishments, Bed & Breakfast Establishments, Hotels, Motels and Tourist Rooming Houses, Recreational and Educational Camps, Public Swimming Pools, Campgrounds, Mobile Home Parks, Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments, and Food and Beverage Establishments. [Code § 16.01-6, 2018.]