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(a) Pursuant to Sec. 125.68(5), Stats., all “Class B” or “Class C” taverns must conform to ATCP 75 Wis. Admin. Code., which is incorporated herein by reference and made a part of this ordinance as if fully set forth herein, unless otherwise exempted therein.

(b) No person shall manufacture, prepare for sale, offer, store, distribute or sell food unless it is securely protected from filth, insects, rodents, dust, or contamination or unclean, unhealthful or insanitary conditions.

(c) Handwash Facilities. All handwash sinks shall have hot and cold running water, soap, and sanitary single service towels at all times. Facilities whose employees handle unwrapped food shall have an employee handwash sink in or adjacent to the food handling area.

(d) Food Contact Surfaces. Food contact surfaces shall be kept clean and shall be smooth, impervious, non-absorbent and kept in good repair.

(e) Floors, Walls and Ceilings. All floors, walls and ceilings in food areas shall be constructed of smooth, impervious, easily cleanable materials, and shall be kept clean and in good repair.

(f) Control of Insects, Rodents and Other Animals. Effective measures and programs shall be employed to control the presence of insects, rodents, and other vermin on the premises.

(g) Exterior Premises. Premises on which food establishments are located shall be well drained and kept in a clean and orderly condition, free from accumulations of trash, garbage, and other sources of contamination.

(h) Cleaning Requirements – Equipment & Utensils.

(1) All food equipment and utensils shall be thoroughly cleaned daily or more frequently as necessary to keep them in a sanitary condition.

(2) Establishments that have equipment or utensils to wash or clean shall have a stainless steel sink with at least 2 compartments and a satisfactory area to store clean utensils. Sinks shall be of adequate size to permit proper cleaning of equipment or utensils. The first compartment shall contain a warm detergent solution. After utensils are washed they should be rinsed of detergent and immersed in the second compartment containing an acceptable amount of a sanitizer approved by the Division. Utensils shall then be air-dried. The Health Officer may waive or modify this requirement under extenuating circumstances. [Code § 16.05-7, 2018.]