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(1) There is hereby created in the County of Kenosha an E911 emergency telephone system with a single Public Safety Answering Point located in the communications center of the Kenosha Joint Services facility. The system shall be partially funded through a surcharge on the telephone bills of the users of said system as permitted by section 146.70(3), Wisconsin Statutes. The service supplier shall provide the essential components of such a system, including, arrangements with other telecommunications utilities to allow the system to be functional throughout Kenosha County. The service supplier’s provision of the services contemplated herein shall be governed by its tariff.

(2) Emergency network and universal number service; installation of equipment. The service supplier shall install and maintain an E911 emergency telephone system and provide a universal central office number (911) for the use of the County’s public safety answering point engaged in assisting local governments within the E911 emergency telephone system area in protecting the safety and property of the general public. The system shall operate so that when the number 911 is dialed, it will provide the 911 system features to all access lines served by PSJS of Kenosha County. The E911 system shall have the following features: Automatic Location Identification (ALI), Automatic Number location (ANL), and Selective Routing. The features offered under the E911 system will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. [Code § 18.01-4, 2018.]