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(1) The following sections of the Wisconsin Statutes as they may be amended or re-numbered from time to time are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of this Code of Ethics:

(a) Section 19.01 – Oaths and Bonds.

(b) Section 19.21 – Custody and Delivery of Official Property and Records.

(c) Section 19.31 through 19.39 – Public Records.

(d) Section 19.59 – Code of Ethics for Local Government Officials, Employees and Candidates

(e) Section 19.81 through 19.89 – Open Meeting of Governmental Bodies.

(f) Section 946.12 – Misconduct in Public Office.

(g) Section 946.13 – Private Interest in Public Contract Prohibited.

(h) Any provision of Chapter 17 of the Wisconsin Statutes justifying removal of an official or employee for cause.

(2) County Board Supervisor shall comply with the provisions of these enumerated sections of the Wisconsin Statutes and failure to so comply shall, in addition, constitute a breach of this Code of Ethics. [Code § 19.05-1, 2018.]