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(1) Fees and Honorariums.

(a) In order to achieve the broadest possible public discussion and understanding of county government, the legislative process and the specific policy issues and proposals pending before the legislature, every County Board Supervisor is encouraged to meet with clubs, conventions, special interest groups, political groups, school groups and other gatherings to discuss and to interpret these topics.

(b) Notwithstanding any provisions of this code, reasonable compensation for any such activity or for any published work or creation of any product or matter qualifying as intellectual property and reimbursement of actual and necessary expenses incurred in connection therewith may be accepted by a County Board Supervisor, but if such activity, product or published work or intellectual property that is created is accomplished by an official or employee with the use of county time or of its facilities, services or supplies not generally available to all citizens of this county in the course of his or her official duties, the County Board Supervisor may not retain such compensation or reimbursement of expenses but shall deposit it with the County Treasurer and the activity, product, published work or intellectual property created shall be deemed to be the property of Kenosha County and any copyright, trademark or patent obtained by such individual shall be transferred without compensation to Kenosha County.

(2) Reimbursements. Nothing in this section prevents or limits reimbursement by the county of actual and reasonable expenses incurred by a County Board Supervisor in the performance of official duties.

(3) Reward Points and Frequent Flyer Miles. Nothing contained in this Ordinance shall preclude a County Board Supervisor from obtaining credit card reward points or frequent flyer miles where the initial payment, prior to County reimbursement, was paid for by the County Board Supervisor. [Code § 19.07-1, 2018.]