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(1) Inspection. All reports, resolutions, ordinances, communications, etc., to be presented to the board shall be filed with the county board secretary no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Friday preceding the Board meeting and shall be open to public inspection upon filing. In the case of committees, all reports, resolutions, ordinances, communications, etc., shall be filed with a designee of the presiding officer and shall be open to public inspection upon filing. Such reports, resolutions or ordinances may be signed by sponsoring supervisors at the meeting at which they are to be presented. However, the Chair of the board or the referring committee may authorize the filing of any report, resolution, ordinance, communication, etc., at a later time than provided herein as long as there has been sufficient public notice as per section 19.85 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The county board secretary shall forward to the respective supervisors on the date of receipt copies of all agenda items which have been timely filed. A matter may be pulled from the agenda only by the Chair of the Board after polling and receiving a consensus of the committee members present during the Announcements of the Chair segment of the meeting. Removal of an item is not subject to debate. Where an item is not submitted by a committee but by an individual supervisor, that item may be removed from the agenda at the request of the presenter. (11/4/96)

(2) The order of business as established by the rules of the county board shall not be postponed or changed except by unanimous consent or by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.