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(1) A motion when stated by the chair is in possession of the board. Before the adoption of any amendment or decision on the question it may be withdrawn by the mover with the consent of a second. If any member objects to the withdrawal of the motion, it may be withdrawn only with the consent of the majority of the members present. A motion to amend shall require a second and a vote of the body, unless the chair asks if there is any objection and receives none. (3/20/18)

(2) The names of the mover and the second of every motion shall be entered on the minutes of the board.

(3) No debate shall be permitted until the chair has stated a question. When the question is under debate, no motion is in order except as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, and such motions shall have precedence in the order outlined in said rules of order.

(4) A motion to adjourn the board is always in order except when the county board is voting. A motion to close debate or the previous question may not be made by the person moving the motion or amendment or by the person who seconds the motion or amendment. Furthermore, no speaker may make a motion to close debate or to move the previous question immediately after speaking on the question. A motion to close debate shall require two-thirds vote of the members present. (6/6/95)

(5) A member has the floor only after he is recognized by the chair; and the member who wishes to be recognized shall seek recognition from the chair. When two or more members ask for recognition, the chair shall determine the order in which such members shall speak. A member called to order shall immediately return to his seat and discontinue speaking unless permitted to explain by the chair.

(6) Any member may ask for the privilege of the floor for a non-board member to address the county board, and if no supervisor objects, the county board chair shall grant the privilege to such non-board member. If a member objects, any county board member may move that the privilege of the floor be granted, and any member may second such motion. If the motion is adopted by a two-thirds vote of all members present, the county board chair shall grant the privilege of the floor to the non-board member, and the county board chair shall limit the time that such person can address the county board.

(7) The county clerk shall prepare and record the minutes of all county board proceedings including closed sessions; the chair of each committee or his designee shall prepare and record all minutes of all committee meetings including closed meetings.