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In this code, and for purposes of this code only:

(1) “Anything of Value” means any of the following items [either alone or in combination] whose value in a calendar year from any one person or entity is in excess of $25 or as this amount may be amended from time to time by the Internal Revenue Service: money, gift card, credit card reward points, frequent flyer miles, or property, favor, service, gift, loan payment, subscription, advance forbearance, lodging, food or drink, travel, recreational or entertainment expense, thing or promise of future reward or employment that could reasonably be expected to influence such County Board Supervisor’s official actions or judgment, or could reasonably be considered as a reward for any official action or inaction on the part of such county public official, BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE compensation and expenses paid by the county, speaking fees, honorariums [except as may be otherwise allowed by this Ordinance] and expenses, political contributions which are properly reported, tips for food service normally given to waiters and waitresses or for customary services provided at County golf facilities, unsolicited advertising or promotional material, such as pens, pencils, note pads, calendars and other items of nominal value or hospitality extended for a nonbusiness purpose or used for County purposes.

(2) “Associated”, when used with reference to an organization, includes any organization in which a person or member of his or her immediate family is an employee, director, officer or trustee or owner or controls, directly or indirectly and severally or in the aggregate at least 10% of the outstanding equity.

(3) “Employee” means all persons filling an allocated position of county employment or any volunteer with the exception, however, that “employee” does not include judges but does include court commissioners.

(4) “Financial Interest” shall mean any interest that will yield directly or indirectly a monetary or other material benefit to the officer or employee or to any person employing or retaining the services of the official or employees or any member of the immediate family of said official or employee, except as permitted by section 946.13 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

(5) “Gift” means the payment or receipt of anything of value without valuable and sufficient consideration.

(6) “Personal Interest” shall mean any interest arising from a blood or marriage relationship.

(7) “Immediate Family” means either a wife, husband, or any other person, including a domestic partner, who is a member of the immediate household or receives more than 50% of their support from such employee or official.

(8) “Income” has the meaning given under the federal internal revenue code.

(9) “Ministerial Action” means an action that a person performs in a given set of facts in a prescribed manner in obedience to the mandate of legal authority without regard to the exercise of the persons own judgment as to the propriety of the action being taken.

(10) “Non-official Purpose” means unrelated to county business but does not include assistance to a non-profit entity.

(10) “Official” or “County Public Official” shall mean any person holding an elected or appointed county office, but not elected Judges.

(11) “Person” shall mean any natural person, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm, enterprise, franchise, association, organization, trust or other legal entity recognized as such by the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

(12) “Privileged Information” or “Confidential Information” or “ Legally Confidential Information” is information recognized by State or Federal law as being entitled to confidentiality or privilege or matters that may be legally considered in closed session pursuant to the Wisconsin Open Meetings law or written or oral material related to county government which has not become a part of the body of public information and which is designated by statute, court decision, lawful orders or custom as being either privileged or confidential. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to be a violation of this Code if the information communicated is in the public interest, not the subject of pending litigation and relates to a violation of law, mismanagement of County funds, or neglect of duty.

(13) “Security” has the meaning given in section 20.42(12) of the Wisconsin Statutes. [Code § 20.14-1, 2018.]